New flight filter

Patrick Dorrington - 18.09.2015

We are happy to announce a mayor improvement we added to Airpapr Logbook. Until now, it was only possible to filter your flight list by date and the flight rule. But often you need more detailed analysis of your flight history. How often have I flown one type? How many NVFR block time have I accumulated this year? From now on all this is possible as you can now filter flights by each parameter you have entered with a flight. You can also combine filters to get just the results you need.

On the flight page, there is now a single button labeled search.

When clicked, the search filed is expanded with all search fields displayed. You may use any combination of the search fields to get the results you need. Empty search fields are not used in the filter. As soon as a filter is active, the filtered results are shown in the default flight list. You may reset the filter via the "Reset" button.

When a filter is active, a second button is shown next to the search button informing you a filter is currently active. Clicking on the button de-activates the filter and all flights are displayed.

We also updated the airport database search filed. We added individual fields to search via ICAO, IATA Identifier or airport name.

We hope the new features will enable you to get more insight into your flight activities and help you get the information you need.

We hope like the new changes. Anything you like? Don't like? Something we should do better or you would like to see in Airpapr Logbook? Drop us a mail via feedback {at} airpapr {dot} com!

Team Airpaper

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