License management, updated dashboard

Patrick Dorrington - 03.01.2015

Happy New Year, everyone! And to get into the new year we have a mayor Airpapr Logbook update with a lot of improvements and new features:

Licences: Form now on you can manage your licences and ratings with Airpapr Logbook. Licences with limited validity are highlighted in different colours so on can easily see when a license will run out.

Improved dashboard: The dashboard has completely been reworked. It now features among other things a overview of all flights, flown aircraft, visited airports as well as the your flight rule time. If you now can also view your annually statistics for the current and last year. The new dashboard also includes an indicator that shows your current status of the EASA 90 day rule.

Improved input for entering new flights:

  • Flight times are now correctly validated before being saved - thus you can't accidentally enter a airborne time instead of an off-block time.
  • Improved order of flight time inputs: The order of flight time input has been changed so that when moving form one input field to the next one via the tab key on your keyboard, the times are in the order you would expect (off-block, airborne, landing and on-block).

We hope like the new changes. Anything you like? Don't like? Something we should do better or you would like to see in Airpapr Logbook? Drop us a mail via feedback {at} airpaprĀ {dot} com!

Team Airpaper

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